Support Me To Pursue My Baseball Further


Knowledge should be free and available to all. But at the same time we should not forget that sports should also be available to all so that everyone can pursue their passion for sports. Which is also a human right. Today, we say this because there are many aspiring and talented athletes who are lagging behind with no opportunities owing to the lack of their financial soundness. We bring to your notice one such athlete and he is Aakash Vimal. Aakash comes from a very humble background and is a very talented, hardworking and passionate baseball player. He has been working as a part time delivery boy at a laundry shop for managing his finances and household help. Last year Aakash went to Nashik state level coaching in baseball team and also played senior State Level baseball in Solapur. This year he also had a chance of baseball coaching with MLB players.

Aakash Vimal’s dedication and hardwork for his passion of baseball is unmatchable but, it is the financial hurdles that come his way. He studies at an ngo school and works as a part time delivery boy which only aids his basic needs. Although having played at senior state level and trained with MLB players, he is left behind due to paucity of funds. He is in a tight situation and he needs your help. STEP up and HELP this young lad to pursue his passion for sports. Every penny matters in this campaign for the upliftment of underprivileged athletes!!!!!


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